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Dealing with Difficult Parents: This is an ehow article about how to deal with a parent you live with, but whether you live with an aging person or visit them on a regular basis many of the problems you encounter are the same.

How to Deal With Difficult Parents

A Place for Mom is one of many  agencies that helps find options for placement of your parent.  I highly recommend that you use one of these agencies when the time comes.  Their staffs have visited the assisted living facilities, senior homes  and in home care businesses in your area and they are far better able to give you an overview of what is available than if you were to call or visit on your own.  With a profile of  your parent’s personality and needs as well as what you can afford to spend, they can narrow down your options and find a placement  that fits your particular situation. I found this guide, which is free, online which I think is an invaluable aid.  It leads you through the situations and decisions you may encounter and offers many, many lists, other agencies that can help  and other resources.

When the Adult Child Becomes the Parent

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